Pick Your Top CS Moments for Season 5

677 votes

~5x21 Back where you belong/Killian is resurrected and reunited with Emma (Last Rites)
9% / 62 votes
~5x23 Emma tells Killian she loves him (An Untold Story)
8% / 53 votes
~5x4 Killian and Emma ride to “escape” Rumple and they kiss in the Middlemist Field. (The Broken Kingdom)
6% / 43 votes
~5x20 Killian and Emma pass the True Loves test (Firebird)
7% / 45 votes
~5x20 Emma and Killian say goodbye (Firebird)
6% / 42 votes
~5x11 Killian turns his back on the Darkness and lets Emma kill him to save everyone. (Swan Song)
6% / 40 votes
~5x2 Emma and Killian 1st see each other at the Ball and Dance. (The Price)
4% / 30 votes
~5x7 “Working My Way Back To You Babe”. (Nimue)
5% / 31 votes
~5x8 Killian reveals the truth about his rings “All sins can be forgiven if you love someone enough”. (Birth)
4% / 26 votes
~5x8 Emma and Killian’s kiss lights the Promethian Flame. (Birth)
4% / 25 votes
~5x14 Emma rescues Killian (Devil’s Due)
4% / 25 votes
~5x14 “There is the man I miss." (deleted scene from Devil’s Due)
3% / 22 votes
~5x15 Killian tells Emma he intends to have his happy ending with her (The Brothers Jones)
4% / 27 votes
~5x4 Killian and Emma find out Henry is sweet on Violet. (The Broken Kingdom)
3% / 17 votes
~5x8 Hooks saves Emma from King Arthur and she heals his neck. (Birth)
2% / 16 votes
~5x10 The Dark Ones kiss and make up in the Middlemist field. (Broken Heart)
2% / 16 votes
~5x11 Emma convinces everyone to go with her to bring back Killian from the UW and they head out (I will share my heart with him? Hook I will find you)
2% / 14 votes
~5x13 “When you love someone you know.” (Labor of Love)
3% / 18 votes
~5x15 Emma Heals Killian at their house in the Underworld (The Brothers Jones)
2% / 15 votes
~5x1 Killian finds Emma and convinces her to not crush Merida’s heart. (The Dark Swan)
1% / 8 votes
~5x3 Killian and Emma have lunch on the Jolly Roger “I loved you”. (Siege Perilous)
1% / 9 votes
~5x4 “It’s just you and me.” (The Broken Kingdom)
2% / 12 votes
~5x8 Emma turns both her and Killian into Dark Ones to save his life. (Birth)
1% / 10 votes
~5x17 “Love is worth it.” (Her Handsome Hero)
2% / 13 votes
~5x18 Killian helps Dave to get Snow back to Neal (Ruby Slippers)
1% / 7 votes
~5x23 Emma and Killian reunite in New York (An Untold Story)
2% / 12 votes
~5x1 Walking to Granny’s and finding others came too. (The Dark Swan)
0% / 2 votes
~5x2 Emma convinces Killian to go to the Ball. (The Price)
1% / 4 votes
~5x2 Emma attempts a TLK on Killian. (The Price)
1% / 5 votes
~5x2 Killian attempts a TLK on Dark Emma. (The Price)
1% / 6 votes
~5x8 Emma saves Hook from King Arthur in Storybrooke. (Birth)
1% / 4 votes
~5x8 Emma gives Killian a kiss that knocks him out. (Birth)
0% / 2 votes
~5x8/10 Killian finds out Emma turned him into a Dark one after he gets his memories back in Storybrooke and lashes out. (Birth/Broken Heart) (the scene started in episode and continued in the next)
0% / 3 votes
~5x10 Emma finds Dark Hook and he confronts her in Camelot. (Broken Heart)
0% / 1 vote
~5x10 Dark Hook taunts Dark Emma about being an orphan in Storybrooke. (Broken Heart)
0% / 2 votes
~5x10 Dark Hook finds out that Dark Emma has been lying to him. (Broken Heart)
0% / 2 votes
~5x10 Dark Hook crushes Merlin’s heart and Dark Emma casts the Curse. (Broken Heart)
0% / 3 votes
~5x11 Dark Hook and Dark Emma face off in their house. (Swan Song)
0% / 1 vote
~5x12 Emma sees Killian’s ghost at his grave (Souls Of The Departed)
0% / 1 vote
~5x14 First failed heart swap attempt (Devill’s Due)
0% / 0 votes
~5x15 Emma tells Killian he has to choose to come home for himself (The Brothers Jones)
0% / 3 votes
~5x20 Second failed heart swap (Firebird)
0% / 0 votes