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Kaveri Mane Kokane says, "I love this product would love to recommend it to my friends and I am very satisfied since I started using it. No complaints what so ever. It's a good product, no doubt. it does not tangle, I would like to give it a five star rating. Buy it you won't regret, i didn't. #2in1AceCable"
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Amit Padhthare says, "I am amazed after watching this video. Very rare features like 2 micro USB ports, charge mobile by using another mobile, phone is not getting dropped after attaching the cable which makes it special."
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Aditya Pawar says, "Making more possible for managing tomorrow.."
20% / 102 votes
Saif Sayed says, "Want charging & data transfer to happen with pace and become able, so don't wait go for #2in1Acecable."
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Jitesh Agarwal says, "Hassle free , rust free , weight free #2in1AceCable"
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Vishwas Barve says, "ACE PRODUCT HELPS FOR A SMILING FACE#2in1AceCable"
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