What novel should Brian Celio write next?

7 votes
1) "Blow a Load on This Book" - Synopsis taken from www.catapultsoul.com/upcomingreleases: 'A non-fictional portrayal of Celio's sexually-demented, psychologically-twisted “experiments.” The story takes place everywhere his penis decides to exit his p
29% / 2 votes
2) "I Left My Penis in the Belly of West Virgina" - About my fucked-up hillbilly experiences as a child. Includes things like getting beat with "the switch," sleeping in front of dead bodies during in-the-living-room funerals, eating pig brains, interacti
43% / 3 votes
3) "On the Contrary" - No plot yet but everything serious is treated comically, and everything comical is treated seriously.
14% / 1 vote
4) A satire based on my old high school rivalries involving two towns and four schools. Main crews are the punks, the jocks, the blacks, and the LP (Little Puerto Ricans). It's all about sex, drugs, and violence, egged on by Punk Rock, Gangsta Rap, and MT
14% / 1 vote
5) A satire based around idiosyncratic characters who struggle to co-exist in their little world. One of the main characters would be a man who suffers from several common conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, so he has to take tons of meds b
0% / 0 votes
6) Pick something else that you would like to see me take on and leave a comment about it for me to ponder.
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