About Poll

Daniel Kremsa



While flipping through one of my favorite magazines, Psychology Today, I came across a very intriguing article about a study which was done on the probability of men being born gay, and what “makes” people gay. This being back in 2008 when California’s Prop 8 was one of the most talked about propositions on the election ballot I immediately took interest. Little did I know that in reading this article I would develop and grow the most popular Facebook Poll App around.

During the 3 year study that spanned across 30 subjects (yes it took the researcher 3 years to conclude their study) he found that there are basically many different biological pathways affecting sexual orientation. I sat and wondered why it took so long to gather this information with all the tools and social outlets that are right at our fingertips.

Why isn't anybody putting it to good use and actually allowing people to do broader more accurate studies, and in a timely matter at that. After finding an offer on Facebook that had potential, I purchased it, made it awesome and grew it to what you all know today.