What do you do when someone friend requests you that you don't know?

10 votes
Confirm them as a friend and then never bother talking to them. Hey look at you with all those friends! Damn you're popular.
0% / 0 votes
Click "Ignore" and go about your business. I don't give a crap who they are...don't know 'em, don't care to know 'em.
50% / 5 votes
Send them a message asking who the hell they are and why the hell they friend requested you.
30% / 3 votes
Let 'em pile up in your friend requests list...maybe they'll go away sooner or later. Then if you happen to meet them at a later date and they say "Hey why didn't you accept my friend request?", you say, "Oh, I didn't check my list." Riiight.
20% / 2 votes

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