U and ur date were having a nice troll around the block when suddenly, u spotted ur ex-gf/bf in the company of an opposite sex; "perhap a new bf/gf," u suspected. Ur ex also spotted u, thus, making the situation more awkward than it already is. Your rea

4 votes
Ignore ur ex completely (What done is done)
0% / 0 votes
Say hi, chit chat for a bit and go on ur way (though we broke up,we can keep this social!)
75% / 3 votes
Introduce ur date and ur ex to each other and let the gals have one of those "bitch, i'm hotter than u" moment (i'm gonna play this to my advantage!)
25% / 1 vote
Engage in passionate French-kiss with ur date and make sure ur ex see this (I don't need you, ex!)
0% / 0 votes
Chit chat to ur ex's new "partner" and have one of those "I'm more alpha than u, dude" (Nobody messes with my good even if it is used good!)
0% / 0 votes
Purposely embarrass ur ex by telling everyone about all of her bad habits (Revenge is sweet!)
0% / 0 votes

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