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Martha Solorzano ( by Vanessa Flores): "My mom is the sweetest because her love is truly transparent and admirable-- even when odds are against her she will do anything for us...her strength, perseverance, and defiance makes her our sweetest hero."
22% / 14 votes
Becky Vosburgh (by Emily Trowbridge) She is the sweetest mom because she is a good listener and my best friend.
0% / 0 votes
Emily Trowbridge (by Emily Trowbridge) I am the sweetest mom because I would do anything for my children. They are my world.
2% / 1 vote
Harriet ZUllo (by Jean A. Zullo) My Mom is the sweetest Mom becuase she is always been there for me. She raised me with good values, love and patience. She's been supportive of me throughout the years and she's given me a lot of room to grow. " I love you
3% / 2 votes
Dawn Cuatia ( by Dawn Cuatia) I am the sweetest MOM because I love sweets and I am sweet to all people in my family.-Be sweet in life and you will always feel like a cupcake in life!!
2% / 1 vote
Rona Cochrane (by Holly Cochrane Vegter) My Mom has been the most supportive and influential woman in my life. She has encouraged me to follow my dreams and try my hardest- even when I wanted to give up she has been my shoulder and ear. I am about to beco
2% / 1 vote
Suzzanne C. Kida ( by Kenneth E. Kida) My wife is the kindest, thoughful and non selfish person I have ever met.
2% / 1 vote
Prarina Ghodasara (by Athira Sandeep) She is the sweetest person I know...never asks too many questions and trust me that is a really good thing. Always waits for us to get back to her on our thoughts about everything. And she makes yummy food :)
6% / 4 votes
Christine Smith (by Sue Barber) Christine is a wonderful mother, grandmother,friend and neighbor. She is always helping people. She is definitely the best choice for "Sweetest Mom".
2% / 1 vote
Stephanie Gabelman (by Anne Mizera) Steph is a single mom to 7 year old Tara. She works a full time and a part time job to provide for her & her daughter. For 3 years she's also attended Rutger's Library School in order to get her masters in Library Scien
19% / 12 votes
Claudia Diamonte (by John Faherty) My wife is the sweetest mom because of the two incredible bundles of joy she delivered in February. The road was tough at times and very difficult, but she took everything as it came and kept her head always up. She is t
41% / 26 votes
Katherine Marinovich (by J.T Marinovich) Sweetest Mom in the whole world becuase I dropped dead and she nursed me back to health.
0% / 0 votes

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