Who do you think deserves to goto Holiday World? Read their stories and then vote on your favorite.

169 votes
Betsy Welch - I would like to nominate Betsy Welch for the Holiday World Contest. She is a great mom to 2 wonderful children! She could really use a little mini vacation with her kids.
7% / 11 votes
Kellie Davis Rahr - I would like to nominate Kellie Davis Rahr she is a full time student and a great mother of three kids. She and her kids could use a day out of the house to enjoy themselves before everyone starts back to school.
2% / 4 votes
Joann Jewell - I would like to nominate Joann Jewell for the Holiday World Contest. She is a great mom!! She could really use a little get away and have some fun
0% / 0 votes
Shannon Watson - I would like to nominate Shannon Watson. She is a hard worker, going to school and raising 2 wonderful children. She truly needs a day out with her children!
0% / 0 votes
Kim Davis French - I would like to nominate my sister Kim Davis French. She has been battling Graves Disease and this would be a nice adventure for her and her daughter to do together!
1% / 2 votes
Vickie Jewell Price - I nominate Vickie Jewell Price to win the Holiday World Tickets. She is a great mom with four kids and one great grand daughter. She really needs a day off.
15% / 26 votes
Tina Jewell Calvert - I nominate Tina Jewell Calvert for these holiday world tickets. She is a stay at home mom of 3 kids and would love to get a day out with them
1% / 1 vote
Bobbi Hensley - I nominate Bobbi Hensley. She has been a regular on your page. She tries to win things all the time, so I am here to tell you why! Bobbi was in a house fire 4 years ago, from this she got a lung disease, where she had part of her lung remo
16% / 27 votes
Dawn Roudebush Nowakoski - I nominate Dawn Roudebush Nowakoski - She not only is a mother to 8 kids - that's right, count them, 8 kids - more than half of which, are teenagers, (most women would have been bald by now and ran away screaming!) but she also
11% / 18 votes
Angela B.Huett-Swopes - I nominate my mother Angela B.Huett-swopes, She is a great mom and has gave up her time to take care of her cousin who was in a car accident 13yrs ago. She also takes care of my great grandpa. My mom takes care of everyone, and tha
2% / 3 votes
Tami Vaughn Licquia - I nominate Tami Vaughn Licquia!!! She is a great mother, and friend to all. She also has had to go through a total of 4 surgeries lately, and yet she is so happy and cheerul to be around. Her last surgery is open heart surgery. I tho
1% / 1 vote
Ann-Marie Toney - I would like to nominate Ann-Marie Toney. Her son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I know it is an ongoing process, and expensive as well. I thought it would be a fun way for her and her son to go when he is is feeling well enough t
0% / 0 votes
Tasha McCoy - I nominate Tasha McCoy who is a fan of Indianapolis Woman Magazine. She works at Cloverport Elementary School and specializes in the care and teaching of special needs children. The kids, teachers, and parents all love her. She had dedicated
1% / 2 votes
April Jeffries - I nominate April Jeffries, who is a single mom, a RN nurse at Breckinridge Co. hospital and EMS worker too, so she has little time to do the things for herself but that is call selflessness and she truly is.
0% / 0 votes
Alisa Schwartz - I would like to nominate my Mom Alisa Schwartz. She works with special need preschooler during the year but stays home to be with me and my sister during the summer. She spends most of her time taking us here and there. Also helps my sist
0% / 0 votes
Shana K Grose - I would like to nominate my sister Shana K Grose for the Holiday World tickets. I honestly do not know a more involved, hardworking mother of 4. To meet her you would have no idea that this tiny woman works in a hot auto factory to support
20% / 33 votes
Sandra Himes Jones - I nominate Sandra Himes Jones. She gives her time to her own and other children. She serves on 2 school PTOs, is a Girl Scout leader to 2 troops, serves on the GS service team, is a cheer coach and serves at church. All while working
24% / 41 votes

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