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Spencer Sukel // I like music
1% / 5 votes
Brenda Balch // I must win this contest as I made a list of things I want to do this year and this was # 2. Right after quitting my crappy job which I am doing today! After quitting my crappy job and going to Coachella I want to move back home and spend more time with my family. I've already decided to give my 2 spirithoods to my little brothers so they can play Peter Pan's Lost Boys. I can buy more later and my brothers need to be inducted to the Tribe.
1% / 3 votes
Sumi Khan // if i won, my nasty rabbits ears would have a permanent boner. both of them. pow pow
4% / 14 votes
Brandon Ballesteros // So i can let my inner animal run free.
1% / 3 votes
Ricky Celis // This would be the best adventure YET!!!! I currently reside in a faraway land where I constantly have to fight monsters and save princesses from EVIL and thwart an evil king who is made of ice and lives on a mountain top!! My name is Rick (The Human) and my best bud Ryan (who also helps me fight evil) and I would love to take a break from all this fighting and do something rad like take an adventure all the way to the Polo Fields for a weekend of AWESOMETASTIC music!!! Now that I think of it, the only problem would be who to invite…. My best buddy or a Princess I currently have a major crush on (She’s older and made of bubblegum) There is also another around my age who is made of Flames…. hmmm I guess I’ll have to figure it out when the time comes! And of course I would bring my Grizzly Bear SpiritHood, which I won in a tournament of awesomeness!! I also promise not to bring my sword, because I think it is against the rules…
2% / 7 votes
Nicole McGinley // I've never been to Coachella and my grizzly bear desperately wants to run wild in the desert! I got weekend 2 tickets and now I can't go that weekend. If I win weekend 1 tickets I'll give away my weekend 2 tickets to a stranger and make their day! :)
1% / 3 votes
Jessica Erickson // I believe that music is the single biggest conduit to helping people really LIVE. It can free the soul, create community and make people move their bodies- reminding them that their heart still beats. This is what it does for me and that is why I would love to go to coachella this year.
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Sam Erikson // Coachella 2010 was the first place I had ever seen a SpiritHood. I was so intrigued by these animal hoods people were wearing and immediately new I had to get one for myself. I left my phone at home during the Coachella weekend so right when I got home I immediately Googled to find out what these hood were all about. After finding the website I found out that these SpiritHoods were more than just an item of clothing, these hoods represent an actual foundation that gives money to protect endangered animals and once I knew that I was sold, I joined the tribe! Since then I have influenced many friends and family to join the tribe as well... we'd make one hell of a Christmas card with our hoods ;) I need to go to Coachella this year so I can show off my Hood and pass the same experience on to someone new!
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Jonathan Emilio Guevara // I wanna be the animal I am, SpiritHoods let me tune in that aspect. Animals tune into natural music swaying and screaming for what they know, I want to be that person who's an animal to the music! Plus I wouldn't mind taking the Nasty Rabbit for a debut ;)
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Shannon Trembath // These tickets must be mine so that I can dance to The Black Keys like the guy in their music video (while wearing a spirithood, of course!). I'm from Australia and our music festivals are not even on the scale of amazingness that is Coachella, it would literally make my life!
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Mike Gallagher // the first time i saw a spirit hood was at camp bisco X and immediately upon returning to the real world i went online and purchased my own. right now i have the black wolf warrior and the plaid husky (fav :] ), and i'm definitely getting the husky blue cord as well. ive been reppin my hood hard (wearing it in work as i type this, haha) for a long time now and would love the opportunity to rock it out at Coachella and spread love for the tribe! ive been looking at the lineup for Coa since it came out and have been desperately hoping for something like this to pop up!! i got MAD LOVE for the peeps that brought us Spirithoods and even if i dont win this i just want you guys to know that YOU FUCKIN RULE!!! keep on keepin on ladies and gents ♥
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Taryn Fulcher // if it wasnt for music festivals i would not have my spirithood today. i love spirithoods, and to have the chance to wear one to coachella would be the highlight of my life. i want to wolfpack it up in the sun, listening to some of the worlds greatest artists. PLEASE SEND ME TO COACHELLA TO ROCK MY SPIRITHOOD!!!
8% / 28 votes
Olivia Twist // I love love love love love love love love love the Coachella Festival! I would love to take my friend who has returned from the Army. It'd be a blessing for him to see Coachella in all it's glory. While overseas, he has been missing many of the things that we have been fortunate to experience. Please send us on our way to Coachella!!!
80% / 280 votes

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