Think back to the last Bon Jovi concert you attended. Did you decide to buy something from the merchandise stand?

9,889 votes
Yes, I did make a purchase when I went to see Bon Jovi
58% / 5,724 votes
No, the lines were too long
8% / 782 votes
No, I didn't like the merchandise I saw
2% / 194 votes
No, I prefer to purchase online
3% / 274 votes
No, I couldn't find the merchandise stand when I saw Bon Jovi
1% / 146 votes
No, the items at the show were too expensive
18% / 1,828 votes
No, I didn't want to hold my purchases during the show
2% / 155 votes
No, the items didn't come in my size
2% / 211 votes
No, I wasn't impressed with the quality of the items at the show
0% / 42 votes
5% / 533 votes

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