Most Supportive Alumnus-Alumna

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Mr. Paulo Berbenzana, CPA

+++ If there is an award for the friendliest BUJPIA alumnus, Kuya Pau is one of the nominees. No matter what year you are in, how old you are, officer or a member, Kuya Pau can make you feel comfortable around him. He is present to the activities of the organization whenever he is free. How cool it is to see a former BUJPIAN in the bleachers, cheering for his undergraduate friends. One of the best things about him is his willingness to help the members of the organization not just academically but also personally. If you need accounting reviewers, Kuya Pau will always offer his materials. He will even offer to teach you if he can. Few alumni do that for they are busy as certified public accountants. Need pieces of advice? He is one of the persons to ask advice to. Whether about friends, academics, faith, responsibilities, love life or what not, Kuya Pau always know what to say. And when you run out of corny jokes, Kuya Pau always has one.

+++ Got twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Kuya Pau is socially active. He is one of the active online supporters of BUJPIA and even promotes the organization. The members of the organization feel his support and found a friend in him. It is not the responsibility of the alumni to keep in touch with their former organization but he does. He fearlessly shows his love, support and gratitude towards the organization. Being such a good example, many BUJPIANs are inspired by his humble character despite his success today.

+++ He shows that he still feels a sense of belongingness within the organization and chose to still be an active part of it.

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Mr. Derick S. Figueroa

Once a JPIAn, Always a JPIAn

+++ “After doing it get over it.”

+++ A professor within our college once said those words to us when a topic on moving on came into a discussion. I spent so much time thinking about those words. I thought that the justification is quite right but I felt like there’s something wrong about it that made feel queasy. And not until I was tasked to do this essay did I realize what is it about that sentence that bothers me.

+++ Alumnus is defined by the Merriam - Webster’s Dictionary as “a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university” and “a person who is a former member, employee, contributor or inmate”. Add the word supportive and it becomes a phrase that tells a whole lot of a different story.

+++ Support isn’t just confined within the material things a person can give. It also encompasses sharing intangible gifts to the people you want to lift up. And most of the time, the latter even surpasses the former. Mr. Derick S. Figueroa, our candidate for the Most Supportive JPIAnAlumnus, may not have enough to donate material and financial things to us, the current members of the TSU – JPIA, but he, with all his might and ability does the latter.

+++ Sir D., as most of us call him, is quizzer and a student leader during his time. He was the NFJPIA R3 Regional Vice President Audit during the Federation Year 2010 – 2011, the Vice President for Academics in the Local Chapter and an expert in the taxation field. In spite of all these qualifications, he chose to decline to offer his services to the biggest accounting firms in the country because he knows where he should be.

+++ He is a professor within the college for more than four years now for he chose to stay because he knows that the students need an effective teacher like him. Aside from inspirational foods for thought that he gives to the JPIAns during every discussion, he also never failed to show his support on the extra-curricular activities of the organization. For every event done by the organization, he was there supervising, encouraging the members and especially the officers when we feel like we can no longer go on. He also untiringly conducts reviews for our quizzers as preparation for every competition.

+++ During 18th Regional Mid-Year Convention at Ilocos Norte, he was the anchor to our ship. As much as possible, he tried and stabilized the situation especially regarding conflicts during the convention. He was there, helping us not only to communicate with the committee but also on raising our concerns. Others might think that this would be too dramatic, but Sir D. came to the point of shedding tears for he can’t bear the fact and injustice that happened when our participants for the Basic Accounting Quiz Bee were not given a chance to answer for the first two rounds of the competition due to the delayed shuttle services.

+++ More than that, he never left us fightingafter the tragic event that happened right after the awarding ceremonywhen one of our co-officers was struck in the head three times by a Department of Tourism official. With shaking voice out of anger and love for us, he couldn’t help but cry tears of agony once again as he defended our co-officer. Assuring as he is, he went with us to the hospital and the police station to file charges. He was there, he never left and he never made us feel like we have no one on our side.

+++ We may hear several alumni donating tons of valuables to their school or former organization – giving them a portion of the excess that they have – to help on financial matters. But upon remembering a parable, we believe that it is not really how much we give that matters, but how much love we put into giving that really touches people’s lives. He has given and is still giving us the best gift and support that he can give, a portion of his life that he can never take back – his time.Sir D. has given us his valuable time, more than others: his time that he might have used for his own personal growth, but he chose to share it and that growth with us. And with that, we will always be grateful to him.

+++ Eventually, Sir D. has become my answer to the perplexed skepticism on the quote in the first part of this essay. He has proven that after doing something, it is quite not right to get over it. Because he never did. He never got over his JPIAn origin. He never forgets how a JPIAn struggles and rejoices. He has proven to us that once a JPIAn, always a JPIAn.

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Mr. Romy Garcia

+++ Mr. Romy Garcia was JPIA-HAU’s President last federation year. During his term, JPIA-HAU was hailed as the Most Awarded Local Chapter in the Regional Midyear Convention and Annual Regional Convention, and was awarded as Outstanding Local Chapter President. As the previous President of the organization, his support never stopped even after the transition of the previous federation year to the next. In the team building they organized for the next set of officers, he talked to each of the officers and advised them to enjoy their terms as officers. He would always find time to text and communicate with the officers, and make them feel that he is always there to support. He challenged the current President of JPIA-HAU, Mr. Eric Lacson to give his best shot in achieving the things Mr. Garcia wished to achieve in his term. True enough, JPIA-HAU bagged all the three major awards of the Regional Midyear Convention. Words of praise and joy were uttered by Mr. Garcia when he heard of the good news. He was so proud of the current officers for that very rare achievement. He never failed to show his support and love for the organization. He reminded the officers of their main objective as student leaders, that is, to do everything for the benefit of the members. He said that they were given the opportunities to help, so might as well do their best to serve the members, the main ingredients of the organization.

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Ms. Joan Mae Lugtu

+++ Ms. Joan Mae Lugtu was JPIA-HAU's Vice President for Academic Affairs in the federation year 2013-2014. After her term as VPAA, she didn't stop supporting all the activities of the organization. This started on the team building of the new officers held last May, wherein she was one of the conductors of the activities. Afterwards, she uttered her words of encouragement for the next set of officers. She made them feel that she believes in them, and challenged them to be selfless in whatever they do. Even if she was in the review school, she would find time to visit the officers in their office. She even attended one of the tutorial sessions held last June to show her support. During the Regional Midyear Convention, she became the "adviser" of the current VPAA, Mr. Almer Bonzon. She gave Mr. Bonzon pieces of advice on how to overcome the pressure that is on him. That is why when she knew that JPIA-HAU bagged all the major awards of the convention, including the Most Awarded Local Chapter in the Academic League, she was extremely proud and the news made her even cry. When she passed the board exam and attended the Testimonial Dinner organized by JPIA-HAU officers, she included in her talk her thankfulness to the officers for doing a job well done. Her heart never left the organization and this was felt by the current officers of the organization.

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Mr. Raffy Mariano

+++ Mr. Raffy Mariano was a former officer (VP Non-Academic Affairs, F.Y. 2011-2012) of JPIA-HAU. After passing the Licensure Examinations for CPA’s, he pursued a career in the academe and became a professor of Basic Accounting and Taxation. With this, he is still connected in a way to the organization even though he isn’t a member anymore.

+++He manifested his support to the organization when he encouraged his students (1st Year) to be a part and become members of the organization. He imparted to them the perks and benefits of being a member of JPIA and overall, what is JPIA all about. Also, he periodically updates himself with what is happening within the organization during the year. He specifically asked the current officers how the preparations for the Body Meeting are and how many members are there already. He has been through the process before and gives the officers advices and tips.

+++ Aside from that, he encourages his students to participate in the events of the organization. He encouraged them to join the contests during the Body Meeting (academic and non-academic). Also, he himself joined the Starwars: Dance With The Professor during the Body Meeting 2014. He also shared some of his knowledge and became a coach of Mr. Bonzon when he was a contestant for the PICPA – Angeles City Accounting Quiz Bowl – Level 1. He gave some review materials and acted as a coach of Mr. Bonzon during that time. Truly, once one was a part of the organization, he is always a part of it even though one graduates already.

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Ms. Gerlyn Siapco, CPA

+++ Known as a giver of the hardest kickass examinations, Mam Gerlyn is one of the professors that can connect with her students. A former BUJPIA president, she understands how difficult, challenging, and at the same time fulfilling being an active of member of an organization can be. Maybe because of her experience as a former BUJPIA president, she always gives her full support to the organization and to its members. She is not just a professor, she is a friend. She always tells stories before starting the class. Stories where you can learn something and be inspired and stories that will surely make your stomach ache because of laughing.

+++ Mam Gerlyn is always present to the different events of the organization, and even sponsoring and donating to the organization. Aside from financial support, what the BUJPIANs remember about her are the good laughs, jam-packed lessons, meaningful stories and the close friendship she has with us. She also accompanied us to some events like the National Academic Quiz Show Down (NAQDOWN) in Pampanga. She was like a student, cheering and supporting our representative at the top of her lungs when our quizzer gets the answers right. It was one of the instances when she showed how she is as a friend and an active part of the organization.

+++One of the best things about her despite her nerve cracking exams is the sympathy and support she gives. The current president of BUJPIA always receives tips and pieces of advice from her whenever the organization is in the verge of turmoil. She is a big help and an inspiration to all BUJPIANs.

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Mr. Laurence Tiquia, CPA

+++ KuyaTiks as most of us call him,Kuya Laurence has been one of the most active members of Baliuag University Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (BUJPIA) during his undergraduate life. Despite graduating and successfully toping the CPA Board Licensure Examinations, KuyaTiks is still keeping in touch with the organization, being present during different activities, serving as one of the reviewers of the CPA Board Examination Review Program and even sponsoring and donating to the organization in order to conduct different activities. He has been very friendly to all BUJPIANs and we are very much inspired by how successful he is now. Uplifting the BUJPIA pride during his days, KuyaTiks never fails to ask how the organization is doing. He is a lot of help to our members especially to our graduating students because he is one of the people pushing them to do more and inspiring them to never give the dream all of us wanted up. KuyaTiks also has a close friendship to our BSA writers who are part of the school publication. Being a former school publication officer, he usually hangs out with our writers especially when all of them are free. Seeing posts and pictures of him with our members shows that he is still part of the organization, still an active part.

+++ One of the instances that BUJPIANs will forever be thankful for is the moment that he stayed with the BUJPIA delegates during the Regional Mid-Year Convention in Ilocos where the delegates were stuck in the hotel because their bus needed repair. Throughout their long stay, KuyaTiks remained with them even if he has a lot to attend to with his Punongbayan&Araullo mates. He just kept talking with the delegates and even ate with them while waiting.

+++ We are very much thankful that a former BUJPIAn like him is still BUJPIAN by heart. KuyaTiks always let us feel that he is always there, as a reviewer, JPIA pride, example of excellence, a friend.

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Mr. John Paul Galang

+++ The perfect epitome of the renowned quote by William Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” John Paul Galang, a mentor, educator, and an instructor. He is an alumnus of Angeles University Foundation. Amidst his college life, he served as the President of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - AUF Chapter. After passing the CPA Board Exam he never forgot his roots and where he came from. Currently he is teaching accounting related subjects in his alma mater and in another college in the vicinity of Angeles City. He also mentored the participants in the recently held MAS Case Study Competition which bagged as the Champion both locally and nationally. He also instructs and helps the graduating batch in their feasibility studies for it to become more successful. He gives not only his time but also his efforts in giving JPIA-AUF merits and recognition. His hard work in his profession is unquestionably commendable and exemplary. He is indeed one of JPIA-AUF’s pride.
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