Which leading lady and her TV show would you be most likely to watch?

17 votes
5. Show Genre: Drama/Mystery Heroine: Rachel Dennis, CEO, who is troubled that none of her network security company's solutions or clients ever been compromised.
35% / 6 votes
1. Show Genre: Medical Drama/Comedy Heroine: Doctor Faith Goodacre has been a family therapist for 20 years but she has a secret: she does not believe in marriage.
24% / 4 votes
4. Show Genre: Sit-Com Heroine: Gioia (Joy-uh) Marciano built and manages the high-end “Golden Girls” unit where her mother lives and the duplex her sister and nieces call home.
24% / 4 votes
2. Show Genre: Cop Drama/Dramedy Heroine: Detective Catherine O’Hara wakes up on her 50th birthday to a police radio screeching out a BOLO for a road rage shooter- who she dated.
18% / 3 votes
3. Show Genre: After Hours/Pseudo-Reality Heroine: Jane Smith, “Sociologist and Feminist Documentarian”
0% / 0 votes
examines feminism in the Escort industry: Gigolos and the women who pay them.
0% / 0 votes

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