Which lyric would you most like to hang on your wall?

488 votes
And if I could live one day again, that day would be the one.
5% / 25 votes
And there's a thousand things I wished I'd said and done but the moment's gone.
21% / 104 votes
That was my favourite dress.
11% / 56 votes
How have I managed to make you love me?
3% / 13 votes
Because I'd miss you even if we'd never met.
10% / 50 votes
And no matter how it ends, you should always keep in touch with your friends.
12% / 59 votes
Every last bit of me, no in-between, just take whatever you see
8% / 39 votes
I'm not being unfair... OK, I am, but who cares?
16% / 78 votes
I’m, unquestionably, captivated by your charms and the way you thrill me, I think I always will be
8% / 37 votes
I kept bursting out with laughter all the way home.
3% / 15 votes
I Might Be Thick Skinned But I Find Your Presence Sickening
0% / 1 vote
I must have walked past this doorway thirty times, just trying to catch your eye You made it all worthwhile when you returned my smile It all became worthwhile
0% / 1 vote
Oh why do you catch my eye, then turn away...
0% / 1 vote
What made you want to take him there?
0% / 1 vote
With that you kissed me full on the mouth And that was when I knew You were either drunk or you wanted me
0% / 1 vote
This isn't TV, he isn't William Shatner
0% / 1 vote
Here's the key, there's the door. I don't live you anymore
0% / 1 vote
You're not like anyone I've ever met, at least not yet
0% / 2 votes
But the thought of him lying in our bed with you, well it still just breaks my heart
0% / 1 vote
Why can't I ever say what I mean?
0% / 1 vote
I will spend all w/e wondering if you would be my g/f instead of living my wife and getting on with my life
0% / 1 vote

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