Which do you like best; Formal Dinner or Informal Gathering?

30 votes
Informal - Hors D'oeuvres (Appetizers & Finger Foods) at local watering hole.
50% / 15 votes
Three Day Traditional Weekend of Reunion: Friday Reconnect - Classmates Only at local Watering Hole. Saturday - Formal dinner with significant others. Sunday - Family Frolicks of team events at Tam O'Shantern.
20% / 6 votes
Both - Friday & Saturday night
17% / 5 votes
Formal - Saturday night sit down dinner at Monticello
7% / 2 votes
It is fun to have like a bar night for those that can't afford or not a lot of time, to swing in see some peeps and then have a nice formal thing the next day. I went to both. A use I knew different people would go to the options
3% / 1 vote
I'd like option to bring significant others.
3% / 1 vote

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