Boycott the NFL? Quick Poll : for anyone that feels uncomfortable in a routine traffic stop, hurt after watching so many children dying at the hands of police officers, or that we have an issue with police brutality, crooked cops, systemic discrimination, racial profiling, or white supremacy creating real ceilings to minorities in massive institutions similar the NFL; Are you willing to boycott the NFL or can you save that protest until after your favorite teams or players have gone off tv on Sunday?

3 votes
Yes, I will not support the NFL in any form this season.
100% / 3 votes
Yes, I will not support the NFL financially by going to games, buying apparel, watching at home, of etc., but I will continue to wear my teams colors this season.
0% / 0 votes
No, I will continue to watch no matter the political climate this season.
0% / 0 votes

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