How can neighbors best support Military Families?

86 votes
Be a Friend: Invite the spouse of a deployed soldier over for dinner or to see a movie.
19% / 16 votes
Give a Hand: Offer to help the spouse of a deployed soldier with childcare, errands, yard work or meals.
17% / 15 votes
Support Children: Encourage new military kids in the neighborhood to come play, join sports or attend events.
15% / 13 votes
Welcome Wagon: Be aware of incoming new military families to the neighborhood and welcome them.
13% / 11 votes
Appreciate: Offer military discounts or special events for military kids as a business owner.
10% / 9 votes
Lend an Ear: Check-in on the spouse of a deployed soldier and be a shoulder during this stressful time.
9% / 8 votes
Career Mentoring: Help military spouses find meaningful employment in their new area.
6% / 5 votes
Patriotism: Hang your American flag proudly and send thoughts & prayers to our service member every day.
6% / 5 votes
Volunteer: Join local Blue Star Families chapters to assist with events and fundraisers.
5% / 4 votes

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