What is the ideal age to visit a Disney Park?

9 votes
9ish - Still at the edge of naivete and tall enough to ride all the rides.
33% / 3 votes
Early 20's (without kids) - Able to appreciate all the subtle details as an adult without all the "baggage." ;-)
22% / 2 votes
Or add your own ideal age.
22% / 2 votes
30's (with kids) - You can appreciate all the things for adults, but really enjoy watching your son(s)/daughter(s).
11% / 1 vote
Any age! Even if you can't remember the expereinces, going to Disney even at a young age you have the photos.
11% / 1 vote
5-6 - Old enough to understand what's going on and at the peak of soaking up all the magic!
0% / 0 votes

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