Today we are doing a very short poll regarding wage theft in Sydney. After answering please like, share and tag colleagues and friends you know in NSW Hospitality, the more data we collect the better. For those who don't know about Sydney Hospitality (Social & Work) , we are a non-profit anti-wage theft employment platform for Hospitality in Sydney with over 8 Thousand Members. We help honest employers find quality Staff and professional hospitality people great jobs. If you would like access to our group please click on the link below and when applying answer all three security questions.

6 votes
I am certain my employer pays me Either Award Wages or above Award Wages.
17% / 1 vote
I am unsure If I am being paid correctly and I want to find out.
0% / 0 votes
I know my employer is underpaying me and / or others and I Don't know what to do about it.
0% / 0 votes
I Know my Employer Is underpaying me and / or others but I have given up on getting what I am owed.
50% / 3 votes
I have left Hospitality Because I was sick of being exploited.
33% / 2 votes

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