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Promote this poll: Grenga Health: The founding of Grenga Health happened because I truly want to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness with faith at the core. I fully believe that we can be healthy in all aspects of our life by embracing the uniqueness that God designed in each of us. This means that what works for one person, won't work for another! As I continue moving forward in developing and launching my in-depth faith and fitness plan, I want to try and understand you -my followers- better. This will help me fine tune my program while also being sure I am covering as many of the problems and questions you may have. My detox program has been released for a little while now and I do hear feedback from those in the program -but not those who have decided to skip on the offer. I would love to know why! So here is my question for you... If you haven't purchased my detox program, what is holding you back?

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