The first letter of your name (according to the sound you say it, for example in the name Christ the first letter isn't CH but K ), tell something about you. Check it out and give your feedback. Is it fit you or not? A, E, O, U, I – need order and organization, control and leadership. B – Blessing, strong need for home and family. V,W – Connection, Utilizing others. G – Altruism, Independent. J – Giving, boasting. D – Diplomacy. H – Spiritualism, Love. Z – fast decisions, Impulsivity. T – Spiritual connection, Cunning, strong personality. Y – good in communication, Fear. K, Q, C – Strong Will, Earthly needs. KH – Life force, Materialism. L – Strong will, Learning. M – Sensitivity, Strong emotions. N – need to Success, need all. S, Ce, Ci – need for Security, Secrecy. SH – Hot personality, Giving. P – Well Speaking, Good Sales man. PH, F – good speaker, Manipulative. TZ – Opportunities, righteous. CH – Cheating, hunter. R – Strong mind

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