With the overwhelming support I have received from this Facebook page, I would like to know how many followers of this page would be willing to pay a small fee per year. (less than $25.00) With this fee you would join a website that I would post more in-depth stories and photos more frequently than the current Facebook page. I would also include a buyers and sellers section, a delivery forum to connect, buyers, sellers and travelers to get items delivered all over the country. An area for anyone to post events, locally or nationally. It would not effect my current Facebook page, but would be a greatly extended version of it. What you see on my Facebook page truly is a life long collection of photos and stories that has taken a lot of time and energy over the years to make this page possible for you to enjoy. I am willing to create this exiting new website to be used as entertainment, knowledge and a tool, if the response from this poll is positive enough to move forward. RIP

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