Hello all you shiny, beautiful music lovers! I humbly ask for your input this fine day. I've been working on rebranding my solo dj/producer identity as I deeply feel that it's one of the things that have been holding me back from embodying my highest creative potential and breaking through as a professional. I've narrowed down a list of monikers I would be proud to wear and I'd like to see which ones people like! Please vote for your favorite(s), but maybe not more than 3. Please consider if it sounds professional enough, if you could see it working with a cool logo, on an album cover with visionary art, headlining a festival or event flyer (think big, right?), and if it would work just as well at a club or festival as it would for a yoga class. I appreciate your input, and I'm ready to commit to bringing you the freshest sounds I can find and make! Thanks for your time!

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