Hi folks, we are doing a bit of market research. I am creating a new range of soft centred chocolate pralines, all of course following our ethos of organic, raw, sugar, dairy and gluten free AND delicious! I am pretty excited about it....I would really appreciate your feedback on which of the following flavours you would be most interested in, so below is a poll with all the possibilities in. Please take a moment to place your vote and put a tick next to your choices. I am looking to develop 6 flavours,and will let you know when they are available to purchase! Don't forget when placing your vote that they will be soft in the middle, not a solid chocolate, which may affect your preferences! A couple of the flavours are already established favourites amongst some of you, but I want to see what the rest think. Also if you have any other flavour desires come to mind, please leave a comment. Thank you!

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