As some of you will know already, my website will be launching in the New Year (I’m so excited!). I’m working hard on it behind the scenes so that I can give you an even better shopping experience; one that's available 24/7, is searchable by age, gender, and product, and one that will give you access to an even wider range of sizes and styles so you’re not waiting for me to upload Facebook albums. I’m now at the stage where I need to set up my online postage before adding the final touches to the site. My question is, I’m considering offering a flat rate of postage for UK delivery, in line with other online stores as it will be impossible for me to automate individual postage. This would likely be around the £2.95 mark and would be added at checkout. Could I please ask your opinion, is this something you’d be happy to pay when purchasing item(s) from my new online store?

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