Who should be on the cover of DYMag's December 2013 issue?

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Ali Shanan | Shanan is a 19 year old Automotive Photographer. He enjoys taking jaw dropping shots of beautiful cars just for the sake of love of the automotive. He was recognized by Hyundai World Wide when the folks at Hyundai shared a Hyundai Veloster photo taken by Shanan himself. He was also the official photographer for the Fairlady Z group in a meetup of BMW + Fairlady Z held at Sri Lanka.
2% / 3 votes
Ibrahim Dhanish Nashid (Dan) | Dan is a 19 year old well known for being a Community Based Theatre Facilitator. He has done a lot of work for the UN as a CBT participant and as a facilitator. CBT is one of his passions.He is also Commonwealth Change Maker and represented Maldives at an international workshop held in Lanka and he runs his own project named "Damage Control", which aims to clean up the swimming areas in Male'. He has been running 'Project Damage Control' consistently for about 6 months now.
11% / 18 votes
Mohamed Aseel | Aseel is a 23 year old who works as Deputy State Attorney. He has won the Raajje Ah Reethi Nan Hoadhadhey Faraaiythakah Raees'ul Jumhooriyya Dhehvaa Haassa Inaam 2013 and was chosen as the Best Debater at SAARC Round of Dr.Mehbub-ul Haq Debate organised by UNDP & Rajiv Gandhi Foundation 2008.He also received 1st Places in Qaumee Vaahaka Dhehkumuge Mubaaraaiy & Qaumee Mazmoon Liyumuge Mubaaraaiy 2009. He volunteers for Cancer Society of Maldives and works closely with the Tiny Hearts of Maldives. He is also a part-time Corporate & Business Law Lecturer.
55% / 88 votes
Mohamed Iyash (Toby) | Toby is 21 year old Freelance photographer. He had the honor of being the official photographer for Japan's prime ministers trip to Maldives. Iyash received a plaque of recognition from MBBF ( Maldives Body Building Federation) for covering the whole event of Mr. Maldives 2013. He is also the official photographer for Traphic Jam.
3% / 5 votes
Mohamed Najwan (Kudie) | Kudie is the 24 year old Co-Founder and creative director of MISC magazine and General manager at ProDesigners which provides deign and print services. He also freelances in fields of Graphic designing ,wedding decorating, event planning, motion graphics, videography and artist management. He is also the proud owner of iDukes Production and band manager of Eman's Conspiracy.
29% / 47 votes

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