I need to write two feature film scripts by the end of the year. Please vote which you would be interested in seeing.

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1. clASSy as - You’ve seen Old School, Van Wilder and The Hangover and we all know the shenanigans that men can get up to when there is alcohol involved but have you ever wondered what the girls really get up to. When they tell you that “The girls and I just had a few quiet ones at the pub.” More often than not that’s probably not 100% the truth. Bronwyn, Penelope, Jane, Veronica and Gracie are five such girls. But these are not just any girls these are girls from Logan. Get a few drinks into them and out will come things that even most men would never imagine saying or doing. Add to the combination a major sporting event that divides the girls and the fact that four of them are newly single and one has a 1 year old at home and hasn’t been out in a long time. A few quiet ones at the pub turns into a crazy night.
29% / 2 votes
2. IMMUNITY - Tracey works for a covert government department she is quiet happy with her job until one of the guys who is hired to help solves the worlds problems comes up with an idea that she thinks couldn’t possibly be considered. They decide the best way to do it is with an airborne virus and they should make a million vaccines per country. Tracey fights the organisation the whole way but she is powerless to help the only thing she can control now is who gets the vaccines. She has to make some of the hardest decisions of her life.
29% / 2 votes
3. SECOND FLEET - Ann is a teacher in London she is the sole carer of her younger brother. Times are tough and money is tight. Ann’s brother gets really sick and to be able to afford the medication they have to go without food. Ann gets fed up and steals a handful of legumes. Ann is caught and arrested. Ann is put to trial and sentenced to 7 years in the new land. The trip over is terrible she is on the Neptune which is the ship in the second fleet with the highest mortality rate of any ship that headed to Australia. They are kept below deck with their rations cut off. The convicts are up to their waists in water and their own filth. This follows her story and the terrors that came along with the nasty Captain that was in charge of the Neptune.
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4. TRAINING ENTERPRISE - The world is at war and the Government is running out of soldiers to fight. When a new boarding school opens up that offers paid tuition Tasha’s financially troubled parents jump at the chance to get their 16 year old daughter out of the house so that she can finish grade 12. Along with many other teenagers Tasha is bused to a location well out of town. When they get there they discover it is unlike any other boarding school. It’s a training establishment to help the government have as many soldier ready to go straight into war as soon as they hit the age. And some they will even alter birth certificates just to have them sent away. Tasha is placed in the Walrus unit. As the oldest one there she finds herself taking on the role of carer to all the younger ones. Then Tasha begins to notice Simon. They discover that even in the midst of a war they still have to deal with normal teenage emotions as well.
29% / 2 votes
5. CENTRAL LINE (Working Title) - When Ellen and John’s daughter is diagnosed with a cancer that the doctors have never dealt with before the whole family is thrown into turmoil. Elizabeth is a fighter and does all she can to stay positive but with each visit to the hospital the other kids come and go. It becomes harder. Adam her younger brother is struggling with the ordeal and is being bullied at school because of it. Life is no longer as it was for the family. John’s workmates all pull together for him and help out. There is a lot of community support but there is only so much gifts can do. When she loses her hair and starts losing more friends there is only so much one person can take. When a cute boy catches her eye she starts to pick up. But as his condition worsens she almost reaches the end of her rope.
14% / 1 vote

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