After much prayer and contemplation, Todd & I are led to start a small group. Our first study will be on the book of Galatians and we will be using the Life Change Bible Study Series. If you are interested, we are willing to do a group buy for the study guide. The guide is $7.99 and all orders must be pre-paid and will be at cost + shipping. I want to place the order by Tues, Jan 5. You can send me a PM for payment info. We would like to have our first gathering be the week of Jan 11. This small group will be an independent gathering and all are welcome. We are planning on a start time of 6:30 PM. In the tradition of the early church, we will be eating together. We are planning on soup, bread and a simple dessert (cookies or brownies, etc.) We also hope to rotate the hosting amongst those participating in the study. We would like to keep the hosting to within a 10 mile radius of Almont, but those further away are more than welcome to participate. Please do not feel obligated to provide

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