Postponements, do you feel they are necessary - or are they overused?

216 votes

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Postponements are necessary - we just can't play on all the scheduled dates and two is not enough.
28% / 61 votes
Postponements are necessary - but keep to two.
44% / 95 votes
One postponement per team per season - just for emergencies.
8% / 17 votes
No postponements, we are happy to rearrange mid-week/holidays.
14% / 30 votes
No postponements, we know what we have signed up for.
5% / 11 votes
Depends on if you dont have a 6 week break you might depending on holidays same as if your coach was ill touch line manager or even half your team come down with something
0% / 1 vote
Postponement are sometimes necessary although before doing this all efforts should be made to rearrange mid week, what shouldn't be allowed is large amount for postponement against the same team so they have a large amount of games to make up!
0% / 1 vote

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