How do you feel about the 6 week Summer Break?

461 votes

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It's too long
62% / 284 votes
It's just right
34% / 159 votes
It's too short
2% / 10 votes
Should cover all of school holidays
0% / 2 votes
It's good for the children because they need a break but bad because all the learning they have done will just totally be forgotten about
0% / 1 vote
Most of our players go on holiday at some point during the 6 week holidays. As we've got small squads, abandoning or shortening the summer break would mean we wouldn't be able to field teams.
0% / 1 vote
Go back to winter rugby , 6wk break too long
0% / 1 vote
Ever thought about speaking to other sports to work together over who plays when? We're all fighting over the same playing pool.
0% / 1 vote
Our club hasn't had a break and the kids have benefited massively in the summer holidays
0% / 1 vote
We don't have one
0% / 1 vote

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