Who has told the best story about embarrassing moments with their father?

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1) Rene Lavene Pogia: I remember that embarrassing moment when i asked my dad for money in front of my friends, and when he gave me the money, my friend be like "You spoiled brat" And my dad told them "That's because she's adopted" like OMG!!!! My friends were all laughing. SMH At the moment, my friends thought its true BWAHAHAHAHA I still you dad no matter how many times you embarrassed me in front of the world LOL...and happy fathers day..muaaaahhhhhh
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2) Mikey Tagaloa: well tbh when I was about 10 years of age this one day where me and my dad where home alone he asked me to fix him some tea . so I said sure dad ill make some tea. so I went to the fridge and I tried to get the sugar but I ended up spillin the whole sack so my dad was realy angry that we had no sugar but I forgot to mention that he was cleaning his 12 gate gun so he started yelling and pointin the gun towards me and then I droped everything I was doin then I started to run as fast as I can and he came out yelling get off my lawn pointin the gun and I ran so far and I started laughing because he sounded like my grandpa tryin to keep his lawn clean.... and after wards my dad starded to laugh and cry sayin im sorry son
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3) Tala N Mandrake: One embarrasing moment...On the night of my High School Senior Ball...Pe le kaavale a si a'u toeina i luga o le auala tele, ae toe fo no mai lava o ia, Sau si a'u afafine, tatala ese ou high heels ga ae sau ma lou dress e kulei mai ka kaavale si a'u afafige fo'i. Pe kogu a le kaavale a le makou aiga ua koekiki kaugu'u le gym le mea sa fai ai le senior ball...Ona savali afu ai lea o a'u i le Senior Ball kua'i uma lo'u koe fia auai ...But memories will be memories, and that's what makes my dad special. E o uma mea lelei ma mea fa'ale lelei, that's why ALL OF OUR DAD's are the best, including mine
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4) Errah Mafua: One embarrsing moment that I recal with my dad is when my friends and I were watching one of Bruce Willis movie at home name Hostage,and he comes in the living room all mighty and high saying, "Sole seki a le aka lega a Push William"..I'm like dad its Bruce Willis and he says, "Ia ea la e uso uma le auvega ga..my friends couldn't stop laughing..Its moments like these that I wll always remember of my dad..MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME...and thats why I will always love my DADDY..
57% / 17 votes
5) Lenetta Cythina Ou: Embarrassing moments With My Dad ; lol ONLY in SAMOA! So this other Day after school ; i saw my car and i went in without noticing who was in 4 mins later a guy jumps in the car and says do i know you? Me: Do i know you?! Guy: why are you in my car! Me: This is my Car! Guy: I'm going to call the popos if you dont get out of my car! Me: make me ! i own this car -_____- my dad is so gonna kill you Guy: I'm calling 911 ! Me: I'm calling my dad ! if i had a phone ... *sees my dad* walking in the car that looked similar to the one i'm in . Guy: Hello ! 911? whats your problem?! yes, maam i have a problem with a criminal in my car trying to force me to get out of my vehicle, *Ladies Voice* where are you @? ! Me: Oh laaawd i'm outta here* Enters my real car & fakes an entrance! Dad: where did you go?! Me: you don't wanna know Dad: Malo lava! e la ua e ma?! Me: whaat?! Dad: that was a prank it's not even 2 yet! Haha friends laughing * Dad: e a la ia ?! OSO Le Mea Le FAASA ! i'm not as old and rusty as you think thats just the beggining ! #TalkLikeBrothersActLikeIDIOTSPlayLikePros . without my Dad i wouldn't have such an awesome lastname! Proud to be a samoan
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6) Jeanvanja Aumua Oh My Dad Embarrass me A looootttttt !! But I still LOVE him from the bottom of my heart no matter what !! One time when my dad assigned me to bear my testimony in front of the Tafuna 2nd ward at the Lds Chapel.. I Did what he asked me to do ..So on that day where im suppose to bear a testimony, I was nervous but ready, so I went up and waited .. As I started my testimony, I leaned my elbow onto where I put my papers at in front of the peoples as I bear my testimony and all that .. After I went sit down, smiling .. Then when my family and i came outside after church, my dad grab my arm and start scolding..He started off by saying how I stand, leaning and move a loottt Whats worse was when how I talk .. First, "I sounded gay and second I look like an old lady", my dad responded when he scolded me in front of the ward after church ~.~ I got embarrassed and ALMMOOOSSTTT cried but with the spirit that was with me, I didnt .. I didnt hate him for what he said but its just that HE LOVES ME VERY MUCH that he scolded me and telling me what to do NEXT TIME which is the right thing to do and I take his word for it still, till now #ILOVEMYDAD #RIP
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