I would like to introduce a great example of what is wrong with looking the other way. Meet Darin Henecke. He seems like a great guy. He helps in the community, works with teens, Oh but wait that's his job. He was a recruiter for the National Guard. Darin Henecke is in no way the angel the papers would make him out to be. You see, he came from a abusive home. He experienced extreme poverty. When his wife finely, after 11 years, wanted out he strangled her. He said "I will end you." These are promises he would try to make good on many times. He uses his political back ground to manipulate courts systems. He lied to authorities and had his ex-wife arrested under false pretenses. He only obtained legal rights to his teenage children by using a default judgement to forcibly take them from their mother. He is everything wrong with the system of how men abuse women by using power, control, and money to commit violence. I ask you, before I write a full story, to please participate in

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