Vote for the Best Sundae For Two this Valentine's season!

223 votes

S'mores ice cream with hot fudge, marshmallow topping, whipped cream, chocolate chips, cookie crumbles, and a couple of cherries on top (I Love You S'More Everyday Sundae) by Lisa Becker
36% / 81 votes
Mint chocolate chip ice cream with raspberry sauce, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts by Madeline Wissuri
1% / 3 votes
Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream on an almond filled croissant, hawt fudge, and fairy dust (crumbled macaron). Topped with whipped cream and a cherry (Sundae d'amour) by Maria Motta
37% / 83 votes
Black raspberry and Reese's ice cream, PB sauce, waffle cone crumble, and whipped cream (PB to my J Sundae) by Kate Reiner
4% / 9 votes
Horchata rum and Mexican chocolate ice cream with cinnamon hot fudge and burnt or salted caramel sauce top with chocolate jimmies and two chocolate covered cherries and whipped cream (Mexican Sundae) by @jennileef
21% / 47 votes

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