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Mach Daddy - Headed by retired United States Air Force Pilot and Management pilot for Virgin America, Call sign "Maverick" is a 9 time Race 2 the Raven Veteran and trophy winner of the National Treasure themed race. A master strategist and fierce competitor who possess the strongest theme skill set.
40% / 22 votes
The Kraken - Headed by a pure adrenaline pilot and officer among the US Marine Corps finest. Call sign "Turbo" is a first year Race 2 the Raven team lead, with a heart of a lion and a go big or go home attitude, ready to level anything that gets in the way.
40% / 22 votes
Rocket - Headed by a computer / software powerhouse who is a 7 time Race 2 the Raven veteran. Call sign "Disney" has speed, agility and experience on his side which makes him a triple threat and contender. Smooth and charming, the competition will never see it coming, he's pure "magic".
9% / 5 votes
Rubber Dog Stick - Headed by a United States Reserve pilot and all around adrenaline jockey, Call sign "Juice" was a trophy winner in the National Treasure themed race and is a force to be reckoned with. As handsome as he is dangerous, he has race experience, athleticism and aviation experience in his arsenal... so you were warned.
7% / 4 votes
Red Devils - Headed by a stunning yet lethal beauty on her 2nd Race 2 the Raven adventure. Call sign "Wall Street" is a captain of the financial industry, as clever as she is versatile. Her ability to strategize and disarm opponents gives her an unprecedented advantage in competition psychology.
4% / 2 votes

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