Thank you to all those who registered for our Open For Awesomeness contest and congratulations to our top 10 finalists. Now it's up to you! Who's the AWESOMEST small business in Charlotte County and most deserving to win a $1000 customized advertising package from 98.1 Charlotte FM? Voting closes at midnight on October 18th and the winner will be announced on the morning show on the 19th.

1,178 votes

High Tides Music "We are awesome because we promote and bring music to St. Stephen! We also promote local talents and act as a liaison between local musicians and our community! We offer a substantial discount to all schools for their music programming and we donate to numerous events in our community! We are working very hard at being AWESOME community members! As a brand new small business this advertising package would be huge for us!"
22% / 256 votes
Carman's Diner "We've been around for well over 65 years. Some years it's a struggle but we've managed to keep our doors open despite rising food and utility costs and increased competition in the industry. Also we have plenty of regular customers that we value to the moon and back but tourism is on the rise and it's nice to feed a home cooked meal to travel weary customers who appreciate real food."
9% / 106 votes
Top Shelf Cabinets "We will be starting our 7th year this November. Just 4 people with big dreams. My wife and my inlaws. The first couple years of the company I was traveling around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia meeting people at Tim Hortons and Gas Stations showing them door samples that I had in rubbermaid containers in the trunk of my car. We are now selling kitchens locally as well as in our online shopping cart all over Canada, from the Yukon to Newfoundland."
4% / 46 votes
Bordertown Beauty Bar Salon and Spa "Brand new salon! We’re excited and ambitious! Full of employees who are all motivated and ready to make this business BOOM! All redone inside to make our clients comfortable and cozy. Comfy waiting area, complimentary coffee or hot chocolate. Hair, nails, toes, waxing and lash extensions all available in ONE place. One stop shop."
15% / 182 votes
Tacks 'n' Tapestry "I'm awesome because I have taken a skill that I have basically done all my life (sewing) and turned it into a thriving business. I always took for granted that I could sew, that I have an eye for colour/design and am very detail oriented. I’ve grown this business over the past 2 years by working out of my basement and just recently moved into a larger location. I currently offer furniture reupholstering and sell custom window blinds and draperies. I have added auto and marine upholstering to the list of services offered. I’m hoping I’m the near future to be able to hire an employee to help me in the shop."
4% / 45 votes
Pita Pit "We opened our doors in May 2016 with overwhelming community support. We bring the WOW factor with everything we do. Whether it is serving the next customer or rolling up our sleeves to participate in community events and groups. We donate prize giveaways to sporting events, fundraisers, and charitable and community events. We use our mobile sign to recognize special visitors to town whenever possible to make them feel welcome like James Mullinger and Fred Fox. We participate in the Corporate Challenge at the curling club. We are members of St. Stephen Chamber of Commerce. I am (as Pita Pit representative) involved with Promotions St. Stephen. We are major supporters of our local Aces Hockey Club. We entered our favorite charity "We've Got Your Back" in competition for a donation from Head Office earlier this year and our entry was selected among 20 chosen across Canada for $1,000! We currently are helping the SSHS Grad Class with fundraising when their students created a Spartan Pita which $1.00 for every one sold throughout the year will go straight to SSHS. We support and shop local always first! We never stop identifying ways we can help our community reach their own WOW factor on a daily and we love doing it! St. Stephen is AWESOMENESS and we are thrilled we get to be a part of it!"
11% / 133 votes
Element 506 "I'm awesome because I am a jewelry designer who makes all kinds of jewelry including custom stamped pieces that uniquely special to each person who orders, but I'm really awesome because I opened a store to help all local artists and crafters sell their products they create. I want to bridge a gap between people creating and people looking for those creations."
28% / 335 votes
Queen of Cups "I build custom fit bras individually for each of my customers - built for your rack, not off the rack! I'm one of only a handful of custom bra makers in the country."
1% / 9 votes
Tycal Properties "We are so awesome because we are a husband and wife team that are looking to help this community grow and offer more housing options. We have owned Tycal Properties Inc since 2011 and managed property and rentals but just this past year we decided to expand into Kent homes sales and offer land packages as well. We would love the exposure if we won this package as we are new to the Mini and modular home business and would love for Charlotte County to know what we do and offer."
5% / 62 votes
Buff 'n' Grind Glasswork "I love fibreglassing!! I like the finished product, I feel like each job is a work of art & I want others to see it too! It's not traditionally a "girl job" but that’s part of what makes it fun... seeing the look on people’s faces when I tell them that's what I do for work. I’d love to have the opportunity to get the word out and encourage people to check out what I do. :)"
0% / 4 votes

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