Are you in favor of Sunday alcohol sales in Wolfe County? The sales would occur after noon. This has been a widely debated topic and we have been asked by an anonymous party to run a poll throughout Wolfe County. There is also a version of this poll printed in this week's newspaper that you can mail or drop at the Flower Shoppe on Main Street.

801 votes

Voting has ended for this poll. Anonymous results will be presented at the Wolfe County Fiscal Court Meeting on 07/09/19. For an account of that meeting and overall results, see The Swift Creek Courier dated 07/12/19. Thank you all for your participation. Your opinion is valued and appreciated.

22% / 180 votes
Yes, restaurant only
5% / 38 votes
Yes, restaurant and package
50% / 404 votes
Yes, restaurant only with additional tax
2% / 17 votes
Yes, restaurant and package with additional tax
20% / 162 votes

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